MT-Propeller awarded STC for new prop on Diamond DA 42

MT-Propeller has received an EASA STC for the installation of its new scimitar design 3-blade hydraulically actuated constant speed propeller on the Diamond DA-42 powered by two Technify Motors GmbH TAE 125-01, TAE 125-02-99, TAE 125-02-114 engines or the Austro Engine GmbH 4E-B.

The FAA STC is in progress.

According to MT-Propeller Vice President Martin Albrecht, the installation features the following advantages:

  • Best vibration damping characteristics for almost vibration free propeller operations
  • No engine modifications
  • Ground roll and takeoff distance over 50′ obstacle is reduced by approximately 131′
  • Climb performance improved by 10%.

The MT-Propeller natural composite blades have no life limitation and are repairable in case of an FOD.

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