Seeking information on an O-320 powered Cessna 150

QUESTION: I’m thinking of purchasing a C150 with an 0-320 engine, serial number 4800-027. It may be a D2J.

Do you have any knowledge of the history of this engine and its serviceability? Or, could you direct me to another source of information?

Arthur Dodd
Jacksonville, Fla.

ANSWER: From the engine serial number you provided, I’d say this is a very old 0-320 engine that probably was built before Lycoming started to put a suffix behind the series model. This is not a bad thing — it just means it’s an older engine. If this is the case, I can assure you it was not produced as an O-320-D2J, which is a 160 hp engine. The engine you mentioned was probably a 150 hp@2,700 rpm engine.

Regarding the history of this engine and its serviceability, I’d suggest you contact Lycoming and request they do a search of the engine history. This may only provide who the engine was originally shipped to, but it will give you that date and possibly some additional information.

As far as serviceability, this engine is an old narrow deck crankcase version of which new crankcases are no longer available, but things like new cylinders and most other component parts are still available from several sources.

One other thing that you may want to do before making your final decision is to check for any and all documents covering the conversion from a Continental engine to the Lycoming O-320. The Cessna 150 was originally built using a Continental engine, so there should be a paperwork trail covering the change in powerplants.

I hope this information will get you started in the right direction before you buy.

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