Should engine break-in after an overhaul be as fast as possible?

QUESTION: After an engine overhaul, it is recommended that the engine be run at high power settings for 50 hours during the break-in period and oil consumption, etc., is to be monitored. My question: Is there any advantage or requirement to putting these hours on as fast as possible or can this be spread out over several months?

Gary Krill
Pewaukee, Wis.

ANSWER: All of the information you need to know is spelled out in Lycoming Service Instruction 1427B. It will give you the recommended break-in procedures and power settings. It does not specifically mention in what period of time this procedure should be completed, but my suggestion is to do the initial break-in of the first few hours as quickly as possible. After that you can do the first 50 hours as your flying time allows, but always following the recommendations set forth in the service instruction.

I hope this answers your question — and maybe gives you an excuse to fly more frequently to get the break-in out of the way.

Paul McBride, recognized worldwide as an expert on engines, retired after almost 40 years with Lycoming. Send your questions to:

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