Where can airplane designers find info onengines?

Where can I obtain CAD information for Continental and Lycoming engines to use in a preliminary airplane design? In addition to the dimensions of the engines and very specific positions and angles for mounting and accessories, I’d like to have weight, C.G., etc. I’d also like to have some information on rpm ranges and vibration and resonance conditions that need to be designed for.

I’ve made a couple of attempts and gotten no response from these manufacturers, but have gotten some response from a few of the smaller manufacturers.

Dave Sederquist

Palo Alto, Calif.

I’ll try my best to help you, but I’m afraid my response will be general in nature because of a lack of basic information needed to really focus on a complete answer for you. Let’s see if I can at least get you pointed in the right direction.

I can’t speak for Continental, but Lycoming doesn’t offer any CAD information that I am aware of. It does make available for a small fee actual installation drawings and detailed specifications on all of its engine models.This is where my opening statement comes into play. Since Lycoming has several hundred different specific engine models, you’ve got to narrow your choice down and specify at least a horsepower range to start with. Just to give you some idea why this is important, Lycoming has more than 50 different models of the O-320 series engines alone ranging from 140 horsepower to 160 horsepower.

I’d suggest you gather some details of what you’re looking for then contact Lycoming, probably starting off with the Installation Engineering Department. The main switchboard number is 570- 323-6181 and is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT.

The information that is provided in the documents should provide most, if not all, of the information you require. Once you’ve narrowed your possible choices of engines, I’m certain someone at Lycoming will be able to offer any assistance you may require.

There is one publication that may assist you in arriving at a starting point as far as making your selection of an engine and that is the Certificated Aircraft Engines booklet, part number SSP204. This publication lists all of the engine models, including some basic information like horsepower, rpm and compression ratio.

Thanks again and I wish you well on your project.

Paul McBride, recognized worldwide as an expert on engines, retired after almost 40 years with Lycoming. Send your questions to: AskPaul@GeneralAviationNews.com.

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