Why can’t I find Service Instructions online?

I just checked the Service Instruction list at Lycoming’s website and SI 1294, which you referred to in the Jan. 25 GAN (What do to about a “”slightly”” rough running engine), is not listed.

Has it been updated to another number?


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Tom, I’m not certain what list you checked, but I find Service Instruction 1294 listed in the current index of Lycoming Service Bulletins, Service Letters and Service Instructions, publication number SSP-307. I also looked it up on my ATP CD of Lycoming publications and found it there, too.

Lycoming does have a listing of any newly released or revised SIs, etc., on its website (Lycoming.Textron.com), but not the entire library. If this is where you looked, you would not have found SI 1294 since it has a print date of Jan. 25, 1974.

The only place you’ll find this information is from a source who is a subscriber to Lycoming SBs, SLs and SIs or a subscriber to one of the CD suppliers selling the Lycoming publications. All of this information is available in Lycoming Service Letter SL114AN.

My suggestion has always been for aircraft owners to consider buying a complete set of Bulletins, Letters and Instructions from Lycoming. A hard copy, including a one year’s revision service, is only $140. It can be ordered directly from the factory by part number BS-148. The customer will be notified by the factory when the revision service is due for renewal, which may be done by ordering a BS-145 at the current price of $35. Any questions anyone may have concerning this service can be answered by the factory publications department at 570-327-7246.

A personal comment I’ve made over the years regarding engine publications is simply this: You have a substantial investment in your aircraft and engine, therefore I feel a small investment to purchase the associated publications to support this investment is well worth the few dollars they might cost. By having these publications available, you are always current with any technical information that may be issued regarding your engine. Please be aware that this publication service is not model specific, but covers all models of Lycoming engines.

If the initial cost seems a bit steep for an individual, you may want to consider asking other Lycoming-powered aircraft owners in your hangar or at your airport to enter into a partnership in order to cover the purchase price. Remember, since you will receive Lycoming SBs, SLs and SIs covering all models of Lycoming engines, you may want to designate one person to select just those engine models that are applicable to the engine models of the partnership members.

I trust this information will help everyone understand that it really is easy and rather inexpensive to subscribe to the manufacturer’s service publications, which are so important to proper maintenance of your aircraft engine.

Paul McBride, recognized worldwide as an expert on engines, retired after almost 40 years with Lycoming. Send your questions to: AskPaul@GeneralAviationNews.com.

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