Sleekest Tecnam yet takes off



Tecnam can lay claim to being the “largest LSA manufacturer” by virtue of producing more than 3,000 ready-to-fly aircraft (with approximately 120 of them flying in the USA as “official LSA” — the U.S. is a relatively new market the Italian company, which was formed in 1948). In my travels to Europe and other countries, I’ve seen a lot of Tecnam models sold under the rules of those countries. But even with all those aircraft and many interesting designs — such as the Echo Super, Sierra, Bravo, Eaglet, and even a new twin that isn’t a LSA — for my money, the P2008 is easily the prettiest two-seater the company has ever designed.

It resulted from a marriage of Tecnam, an all-metal airplane company, to Spain’s Composite Aeronautic Group (CAG). The latter, bought by Tecnam, was the short-time producer of the Toxo Sportster, a handsome all-composite LSA.

Tecnam won’t be producing the Toxo, but the P2008 pairs Tecnam’s prodigious design ability with CAG’s expertise in composite manufacturing. In America, Tecnam is represented by Tecnam North America, a talent-heavy group based in Richmond, Virginia.

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