Engine gurus online

Rotax gurus Phil Lockwood and Dean Vogel recently updated their “Rotax 912 Engine Introduction” DVD with a free nine-minute YouTube posting. On-camera, the dynamic duo cover the new AeroShell Sport Plus 4 engine oil, new oil pressure sender, 10% ethanol guidelines, details of the Rotax 912 2,000-hour TBO (Time Between Overhaul), plus a demonstration of how to get the updated Rotax information.

Meanwhile, online and video entrepreneur Paul Hamilton published an on-line eLearning course for renters, students, pilots, owners and mechanics. “This is needed by FBOs, schools, instructors, and manufacturers to qualify operators for ‘basic’ operation of Rotax 912 engines,” he said. “This is especially important for pilots and mechanics transitioning from classic aircraft engines, such as Continental and Lycoming.”

The eLearning course provides video from Lockwood and Vogel plus classic text for the course covering the proper oils, fuels, coolants, starting and idling. Successful completion of a 15-question quiz at the end provides a certificate. The course is currently free, but will be priced at $49.95 when the “trial is over.”

For more information: Aviation-eLearning.com.

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