New LSA: Predator powered parachute

Another one managed to slip by my radar. I follow LSA closer than most, yet I can barely keep track of all the approvals. No wonder I frequently get calls asking me to unravel the puzzle of LSA makes and models.  Better late than never, welcome the Predator powered parachute to our SLSA List of 108 models from 72 still-active companies (at least five have left the business). Scott Hughes is the original designer & creator of the Predator.

New CEO Fredrick Scheffel wrote, “On April 22, 2009, SkyTrails LSA (Predator Powered Parachute LLC) purchased the rights to manufacture the Predator along with the tooling and inventory from Hughes Aero.” SkyTrails LSA moved into the hangar facilities where Hughes Aero had been building the Predator for the past four years. Scheffel further noted, “SkyTrails Ranch, Inc., is a long standing name in powered parachute training, sales, and service that [has now] expanded into powered parachute manufacturing.”


  1. David Kruger says

    I am delighted to finally see Skytrails mentioned. Fredrick Scheffel was my flight instructor – he and his staff are outstanding. I own a Predator with a partner and both of us are persnickety engineering types. After a great deal of research – we examined every make and model in production – we chose the Predator because (1) we believe it to be the best engineered design available and (2) its excellent flying qualities.

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