Aviation double header

Professional sports created the term “double header” to refer to two games played back to back. For the most part in aviation, show producers work hard to secure a part of the calendar where they don’t compete with other shows. Indeed, the work schedule of many recreational aviation professionals revolves around four major shows: The U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring in January; Sun ’n Fun in April (though this year it started in late March); AirVenture in July; and AOPA’s Aviation Summit in the fall. It’s a convenient plan that puts one major event in each quarter of the year.

Yet the rise of Germany’s AERO show in April threw a monkey wrench into the orderly schedule. Most European shows occur alternate years, even including biggies like the Paris Air Show. But after AERO grew in importance for sport through business aviation, organizers decided to go annual. This created a conflict with Sun ’n Fun. Many company reps felt the need to be at both and two years ago they overlapped, creating a very difficult situation for some.

After hearing from exhibitors, the two shows elected to coordinate schedules. This year is the result. Sun ’n Fun moved earlier by a couple weeks and AERO follows about one week after Sun ’n Fun concludes.

Lucky me, I get to attend both this year, due notably to this coordination between show organizers. Thanks to both organizations and I hope to see you at one of these shows.

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