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Whew! It’s over. Sun ’n Fun can be the busiest six days of one’s life ­— until the next one. I wanted to skim the very top of what I found interesting at the recently concluded show. Today I’ll cover airframe manufacturers and follow up this week with more.

Dave Loveman, my video collaborator, will put in many grueling hours to edit and produce more than two dozen new videos I’ll offer on my website as each is done. These 5-10 minutes clips also appear on YouTube, where Dave’s “Ultralight News” channel has generated nearly 4 million views!

I met the new business leader (in Cessna jargon) for the Skycatcher LSA (pictured below). Traci Leopold confirmed the Wichita giant’s support for its lightest aircraft, now being assembled in Independence, Kan., alongside other Cessna icons.

Sky Arrow is returning after several years stuck in an Italian court. A large company called Magnaghi is rescuing the sweet flyer and will begin production shortly. Hansen Air Group will continue its steady representation of this composite design.

The most successful light amphibian (600 sold to homebuilders; 500 flying), SeaRey is celebrating its 20th anniversary with new owner Adam Yang at the helm. Designer Kerry Richter remains on the job as they progress toward Special LSA certification.

World Aircraft’s new Vision offers extraordinary visibility and a few other user-friendly features like a fold-away joystick and enormous door openings to ease entry/exit.

Tecnam drew solid interest in its Lycoming-powered taildragger, its first… this from a company that has many fetching designs running all the way up to twin-engine, conventionally certified aircraft.

Jabiru U.S. won a Grand Champion award for its Jabiru 3300 engine installation on an especially handsome RV-12 LSA; Jabiru built the Van’s kit and configured the powerplant.

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  1. Wingking says

    SeaMax won the award for Outstanding Commercial Light Sport Aircraft and is today still the only S-LSA Flying Boat you can actually buy and fly!

  2. Skywalkerflying says

    We fly Allegro here in Michigan.  I do hope the new Executive Allegro was there.  We love our plane!  We teach in it as well – it is a great trainer!!!  Thanks for covering LSA with such enthusiasm.  

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