More LSA news from Sun ’n Fun

Splogger (Sport Pilot Blogger) Dan Johnson continues his recap of what he found interesting at this year’s Sun ’n Fun. Today: Engines and powerplants:

Lycoming is coming on stronger in the LSA field, with installations on Falcon, Comet, and Tecnam, with hints of more to follow. The O-233 removed 40 pounds from the O-235 model so well known in the USA. It’s being employed to create the second and third aerobatic aircraft in the LSA space.

Dominant powerplant supplier Rotax make a huge splash with its 912 iS U.S. launch, including a packed press conference and a professional display near the entrance in the LSA Mall. Fuel injection has arrived to the LSA sector in a classy way. Rotax powers 75% of all LSA designs.

I got to fly Ray Anderson’s unique M-Squared Breese single-place powered by the 80-hp Turbo HKS, my first experience with this delightful engine. Saying it performs well hardly does justice to plane or powerplant.

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  1. Kent Misegades says

    Lycoming has also approved the O-233 for autogas, needed to compete with other LSA engines that do the same.    ULPower too is flexing its muscles in the US, and just introduced a line of 6-cylinder autogas-burning engines up to 200HP.  Modern technology has finally arrived in aircraft engines!  It is long overdue but promises more efficiency, support for lower octane, cheaper auto fuels, lower emissions and greater engine flexibility.   Goodbye mixture controls and carb heat!

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