LSA news from Sun ’n Fun continues

Splogger (Sport Pilot Blogger) Dan Johnson continues his recap of Sun ’n Fun, with this installment reporting some news from the show:

The 10-year-old committee (F37) that worked with ASTM to write LSA certification standards had its first-ever meetings at Sun ’n Fun. I was unable to attend due to other duties, but the volunteer group continued good work on LSA standards, including new ones in development for electric-powered aircraft. They work hard so FAA need not.

In related news, the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) announced signing final contracts with Embry Riddle to provide independent third-party LSA audits, an action FAA supports even while it conducts “practice audits” of its own.

The unique area known as Paradise City was all abuzz over the prospects of the LSA Mall moving to the entrance of this charming Sun ’n Fun venue with its own runway. Many new plans are being prepared to revitalize the Lightplane exhibit area. The biggest (stunning!) news was the chance to fly during the main airshow starting in 2013 ­— demo operators and more seemed charged up about this opportunity.

Sun ’n Fun may have started a bit slow, but vendors said they signed more orders than in previous years. Friday logged an all-time attendance record and Saturday was also exceptionally busy, plus the night airshow was the best attended ever. In all, a excellent show for new leader John “Lites” Leenhouts, his staff, and an army of volunteers.

Oh, one more thing…Thank you Sun ’n Fun for air-conditioned bathrooms with hand washes. One has to appreciate the simple things in life, my wife assures me.

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