Dine with Patty Wagstaff

On Day 2 of this year’s Sebring US Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida, EAA Chapter 1240 is sponsoring a dinner featuring aerobatic expert Patty Wagstaff who will perform at the show … with such an airshow being a first for Sebring.

Proceeds will support youth aviation education programs.

The Sebring EAA chapter has engineered a rare partnership between the chapter, the airport, and the local school board to provide educational activities for kids. This sufficiently impressed aviation philanthropist James Ray so much that he ended writing a check for the entire structure, a new 60 x 70-foot building at the Sebring Airport with classrooms and facilities, including a large hangar space where high school children are involved in restoring two aircraft.

Led by aerospace teacher John Rousch, the chapter also provides flight training scholarships. The fund-raising dinner will be hosted in the main hangar of Lockwood Aviation Supply.

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