Extreme Makeover

Big things are happening to the location formerly known as the Ultralight Area at the SUN ’n FUN grounds on the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Florida.

First, the area will now permanently be known by its longtime affectionate name: Paradise City. Once a place of great charm and thick crowds, the area suffered from the dual effects of the economic recession and the arrival of Light-Sport Aircraft. Many vendors of LSA never exhibited in Paradise City and regard the location as out of the mainstream.

However, major revisions to the paved east-west Doolittle Road to allow for TSA fencing has the road — heavily used by entering vendors and many others — dipping deeply down into Paradise City. This will dramatically change the dynamics of Paradise City and significantly enhance its visibility.

Another major change is operational: Aircraft will be allowed to fly all day — even during the main airshow (except when the Thunderbirds fly). They’ll use the 1,400-foot turf runway, which has seen major improvements at each end of the runway. It now provides more than 2,400 feet of unobstructed access.

LSA vendors who meet new rules of operation will be permitted to conduct demonstration flights most of the day right on the grounds of SUN ’n FUN and far more easily than using the main runway. Active demo operators can give multiple flights per day to prospective customers and then invite them to visit the LSA Mall right in the center of the newly revised area.

Many other vendors will also conduct flights and have their exhibits in the area.

C’mon over to the all-new Paradise City and watch the action at this year’s show, April 9-14.

For more on Sport Pilot and LSA: ByDanJohnson.com

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