Wills Wing celebrates turning 40

At the lightest end of flying, one company in the USA excels like no other. For hang glider and paraglider enthusiasts the brand name Wills Wing is as good as it gets.

I have long known and admired the owners of this well-run California company so I am very pleased to offer my congratulations to Wills Wing on its 40th anniversary.

Five years ago I reported the company had produced more than 22,000 gliders and they must now be reaching or exceeding 25,000 … a remarkable accomplishment for any aircraft company.

You can see their line near and close to SUN ’n FUN at one of my very favorite places to go in Florida. Wills said, “Our Wallaby Ranch 2013 Demo Days and Fly-In will be held Wednesday, April 3, through Saturday April 6, with our traditional party and dinner on Saturday night. (SUN ’n FUN 2013 runs 9-14 of April, so you could make both.)

The company had a very special celebration this summer when Wills Wing Team pilot Dustin Martin set a world record flying his Wills Wing T2C 144 hang glider 475 miles from Zapata, Texas. The previous record stood for 11 years. Most powered pilots are amazed to hear hang gliders can travel so far. The company’s top-of-their-line T2 wings run $6,575 to $8,585. They can achieve sink rates of only 175 feet per minute.

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Above: Team Will Wing posed for a company photo to celebrate the holidays and reaching their 40th year.

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