Double lung transplant survivor earns Private

“Well, I am now a real private pilot, as of yesterday,” noted an email I received this morning from Jennifer Julian. If you don’t recall, I wrote about Jennifer last May. She survived a double lung transplant, earned her 3rd class medical, and was an active student pilot. She’s now a certificated pilot.


Jennifer Julian (right) with instructor Kelly O’Dea.

Jennifer is a woman who overcame tremendous hurdles to achieve her goal of becoming a pilot.

As she noted last year, “the key thing for me is attitude.” It seems she still possesses that attitude. “I have more drive to accomplish more endorsements in the world of aviation,” Jennifer said.

I have no doubt Jen. Congratulations.


  1. says

    Mr Klick, you have experienced what I went through 20yrs ago. I Had bypass surgery, I guess I don’t have to go any further on the waiver deal. If more pvt pilots would really send a message (3rd class med never saved a life) to the faa. and aopa, and ama. But I guess the american people really don’t care whether you or I fly, its like a tree falling in the woods, no, hear no care .

  2. Jim Klick says

    I would like to know how long it took to get her 3rd Class Medical. Six months after I had a
    4mm lump removed from a lung, and getting a clean bill of health from the Surgeon and
    the Oncologist, it took the FAA 8 months to give me a Special Issuance that is now good
    for less than 4 months.
    Then they expect me to reapply and go through it again.
    I sure wish I could afford an LSA.

    • Dennis says

      I am a diabetic and Sport pilot. I got my tailwheel endorsement in a Champ and bought a 1947 Piper Cub.Very fun flying !!! $ 35k….. There are a lot of older airplanes that Qualify as LSA. Aeronca Champ and Chief, Piper Cub, Piper PA 11,some Luscomb’s and Ercoup’s. You can Google all light sport planes for a more accurate list. I am also building a Sonex kit plane from scratch and it will be LSA. There are a lot of choices out there even without a medical. Just depends on what type of flying you want to do.


      • Jim Klick says


        I hold a Commercial Certificate, with Multi-engines and Instrument Ratings. I own a Pitts
        Special, and fly a friend’s IFR Skylane.
        I was joking about going LSA. I will switch to my youth sport of SCCA sports car racing.

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