Evektor passes FAA audit

The first Light-Sport Aircraft to win FAA acceptance as an SLSA was Evektor. Now, Midwest U.S. Sportstar and Harmony rep Steve Minnich reports Evektor passed a recent FAA audit.

This comes as no surprise because the company has also successfully been ISO-audited, EASA-audited, and LAMA-audited. Still, FAA apparently wanted to go see for themselves after more than 100 are flying in the USA.

Steve wrote, “On May 16th, Evektor successfully passed FAA’s audit at its production plant in Kunovice, Czech Republic. FAA focused on quality assurance in the manufacturing, design, maintenance and continued operational safety monitoring of Light-Sport airplanes.”

One interesting part of this visit is that two FAA men allowed a non-FAA person to accompany and observe. This first-ever occurrence may be part of FAA’s written “Strategic Plan” issued Aug. 7, 2012, which calls for industry to pick up this sort of duty at some point.

Congratulations, Evektor!

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