HARMAN’s AKG enters the aviation market

On opening day of SUN ’n FUN, HARMAN’s AKG introduced the AV100 aviation headset, the Austria-based company’s first product designed for pilots.

According to company officials, the AV100 utilizes proprietary hybrid noise-reduction technology to block cockpit noise and offers features specifically designed for aviation use.

AV100_Glory1_weiss (1)Aimed at professional and private general aviation pilots, the AV100 was developed in collaboration with pilot Hannes Arch, a member of the Red Bull Air Race Team and Red Bull Air Race World Series champion.

“When AKG approached me to collaborate on their first aviation headset, I was totally confident that we could create the best product of its kind,” said Arch. “By combining my piloting experience with AKG’s more than 65 years of experience in acoustical design, I am confident we have set a new standard for aviation headsets.”

The AKG AV100 employs AKG-developed active hybrid noise-cancelling technology and signal processing that is calibrated to attenuate the specific frequencies heard inside an airplane cockpit, creating a quiet listening environment, company officials explained. The AV100 also incorporates top-quality drivers and electronics to deliver clear, intelligible speech and music reproduction, officials add.

The headset has a built-in microphone and boom that can be used on either the left or right side. The windscreen is washable and replaceable.

It also has built-in LED map lights on each ear cup that provide illumination during night flights or added visibility in cockpits with dim lighting. Its cable-mounted control unit offers Bluetooth connectivity and an AUX input, to enable wireless or wired interfacing with navigation devices, tablet PCs, phones or other devices. An adjustable automatic input switch lets the wearer set his or her audio preferences so that intercom messages take precedence over other listening. The headset has a 6-pin LEMO connector and a standard dual-pin airline adapter is included.

The AKG AV100 comes with a premium carry bag with enough spare space for sunglasses, navigation devices, a tablet device and more, company officials note.


  1. Jim says

    I purchased a set at sun n fun and they are amazing. The noise reduction is impressive, but what is even more amazing is the sound quality through the bluetooth. I tried all the other headsets including Bose, lightspeed, ect but decided to take a chance on the AKG (they offered me a 30 day trial) and I must say I’m glad I did!

  2. Eric Adams says

    I got to try these out on the ground today at Sun n Fun. They are comparable to other high end headsets like Bose and Lightspeed in terms of materials and build quality. There are some nice features like the bluetooth interface and the built in maps lights. The product manager tells me that their goal was to make something at least as good as Bose if not better. The ANR seemed to work well which is Bose’s claim to fame. I can’t say if they are any “better” than Bose or Lightspeed, particularly not having worn them in flight but really these things come down to personal preference more than “better” or “worse”. The bottom line is that it’s always good to have choices and this appears to be another solid choice.

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