New line of towbars from Picker Tugs and Towbars

Pilots pulling an airplane through wet grass, soft soil, mud or loose sand or gravel often struggle. In response, Arizona-based Picker Tugs and Towbars designed the HD Baby Bush B-series manual towbar. The new line of towbars features four 10-inch flat free turf tires making it easier to pull LSA up to Stearman over a variety of surfaces.


Specifically, the 1B ($274) has “picker pins” on one side of the towbar while the 2B ($296) has pins on both sides. Either model is designed for taildragger aircraft.

Learn more online at or by calling Picker Tugs and Towbars at 480-338-7686.


  1. Liz Ellsworth says:

    I only wish there was more information about these new towbars listed here! How big are they? Do they work for more than just taildragger aircraft? Would love to get more insight!

    Liz Ellsworth |

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