AirVenture tempts teachers with freebies

You don’t have to be a pilot or an aircraft mechanic to enjoy the largest general aviation gathering in North America. To prove that point, Build A Plane, in partnership with AirVenture, is offering teachers a very special perk for attending the festivities on Tuesday, July 28, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. For the fifth year, they are sponsoring Teacher’s Day to share information on how aviation can be used in the classroom to enhance STEM curriculum and engage students.

“Teacher’s Day is free and open to any teacher who’d like to attend,” says Build A Plane’s Executive Director Debbie Phillips. “We would like anyone who’s able to be a part of it.”

As an incentive to attend the morning’s informational event, AirVenture is offering free admission to all participating teachers, as well as a free lunch and free parking for the day.

The morning event will feature presentations from a wide collection of general aviation’s most ambitious and successful organizations. EAA, AOPA, GAMA, and the FAA will have representatives on hand, as will the National Air & Space Museum, Honeywell, and even Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch will be in attendance.

No special skills are required and no hands-on building will take place during the Teacher’s Day presentation. This event isn’t about chipped nails, bruised knuckles, or pinched fingers. Teachers Day is designed to be a low-stress, high fun-factor learning experience for teachers. For those who are curious about how they might use aviation to grab their student’s attention and hold it when providing classroom instruction, this is the perfect starting place.

“We have a teacher from New Zealand coming this year,” says Phillips with pride. She goes on to list registrations from attendees who hail from Canada, Arizona, and California.

What better place to get your feet wet in the wide world of aviation than at Teacher’s Day? And with free admission to the greatest aviation show on earth, a free lunch, and parking thrown in for good measure, you just can’t lose. This just may lead you to the best summer vacation a teacher ever had.

Build A Plane is a a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that solicits the donation of aircraft that can be used in schools to inspire and educate young people about aviation as a technology, an avocation, and a  potential career. Students, under the watchful eye of instructors and mentors, build or restore the donated aircraft, bringing them into flying condition. To date they have placed more than 200 aircraft with schools across the country.

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