Autogas expert Harry Zeisloft dies

The sad news of the death of Harry Zeisloft reached us this week. As reported by the EAA, “Harry Zeisloft, who was one of EAA’s longest-serving board members and an integral part of EAA’s effort to create the auto fuel Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), passed away Sunday, April 1, in Mesa, Arizona. He was 93.”

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UL91 explained

Last month, Lycoming expanded its support for alternative fuels by announcing that it was seeking EASA approval for operation of many of its engines on the unleaded aviation fuel UL91. The company also announced it was planning to approve its new O-233 LSA engine for autogas, a clear response to engines from Rotax, Jabiru, ULPower, HKS, Hirth, AeroVee and others that have been approved for autogas for years.

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ULPower’s new 6-cylinder autogas engines

Belgian aircraft engine maker ULPower recently announced a new line of FADEC-controlled, autogas-burning six-cylinder engines ranging in output from 140-200 hp.

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The FBO fuel sales model is broken and anti-competitive

In almost every article about the future of leaded avgas, this statement appears, “… only one fuel will be stocked by the FBO system.” This particular quote comes from a reply by Mac McClellen to Todd Petersen in Mac’s latest Left Seat blog on the EAA’s website. You will also find it in almost every article and editorial from any aviation alphabet organization about the modern state of 100LL avgas.

My question is why are FBO’s the sole determinant of fuel sales on an airport? The answer is because of an obsolete view of what an FBO should do.

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New autogas supplier for Virginia and North Carolina

Reflecting the increasing demand for lead-free autogas at GA airports, Jernigan Oil of Ahoskie, N.C., announced this week its willingness to deliver 93 AKI autogas to any airport in the states of North Carolina or Virginia.

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Map of airports with autogas now online

Thanks to GAfuels blogger Dean Billing, a map of all the airports that offer lead-free, ethanol-free autogas is now available at this link.

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Do fuel prices affect hours flown?

Does the price we pay for fuel have a direct influence on how much we operate our airplanes, cars, and boats? According to an article that appeared in the EAA’s November 2011 issue of Sport Aviation (“My $.02 on $6 Avgas”), the price of avgas is less important than one might think.

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AirBP & EPIC part ways

AirBP and EPIC Aviation, the company who has sold BP’s aviation fuel in the past, have parted ways, according to this press release from AirBP.   “BP’s global aviation fuelling business, Air BP, announced today that it has entered the U.S. general aviation business as a direct fuel supplier to Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs), [Read more...]

Martin Field in Walla Walla adds autogas

Pilots in southeastern Washington are enjoying some of the least expensive aviation fuel in the country since lead-free, ethanol-free 91 AKI autogas recently became available at Martin Field (S95), just outside of Walla Walla.

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Autogas passes the quack test

You know the old adage, right?  “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” This year marks the 30th anniversary since the FAA approved the first STC for the use of autogas in aircraft. Since then, it has enjoyed an excellent track record as a safe, affordable, lead-free alternative to avgas that can power 70%-80% of the current piston-engine fleet. This includes numerous warbirds, many vintage aircraft, most auto-engine conversions as well as many  next-gen piston engines from Rotax, Jabiru, ULPower, Continental, and Lycoming.

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