Donation moves Wright B Flyer closer to new airplane


MIAMISBURG, Ohio — When Wright “B” Flyer Inc. takes its one-of-a-kind airplane to AirVenture 2015 in July, it will take more than filing a flight plan.

The Wright “B” Flyer, a modern lookalike of the Wright brothers’ first production airplane, has short legs and is tiring to fly. Instead, the nonprofit organization’s volunteers will disassemble the 3,400-pound biplane, carefully load it into a custom trailer and have it hauled overland to Oshkosh, where the same scenario will play out in reverse to put it together and fly it.

Transporting the next-generation Wright “B” Flyer will be a much simpler affair. The organization is designing another one-of-kind flyer, this one designed for easy disassembly and scaled to fit in a standard shipping container that will allow the nonprofit to show and display the airplane worldwide. [Read more…]