A second chance at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

prepping for take-off

Back in 1949 Don Sly was a recent high school graduate and had what he thought was the opportunity of a lifetime.

“A friend had an uncle who owned an old biplane that he used to do airshows,” Sly, now 83, recalls. “Through my friend I got to ride in that biplane.”

That ride ignited a passion for aviation that stays with Sly to this day. [Read more…]

Tips from a backcountry flying expert


Mountain flying instructor Joe Kuberka drew one of the largest groups of the week for his Alaska presentation at this year’s SUN ’n FUN fly-in. The turnout for his session about flying from the Lower 48 to Alaska topped 75 aviators.

With good humor and a lively photo presentation, Kuberka did not disappoint, honing in on safety and offering common sense suggestions for backcountry and Alaska-bound aviators. [Read more…]

Superior adds AvConsulting Services

“In the four short years since it was formed, the Superior Aviation Group has rapidly grown and now includes eight international companies representing everything from piston aircraft engine production, to aviation fuel supply, to the development of China’s Superior Aviation Town,” said Timothy T. Archer Superior Aviation Group CEO. “That broadening scope of experience has attracted a number of aviation product and service companies and entrepreneurs based in China, U.S., Europe and South America, that have come to us asking for our help and guidance in bringing their products or services into these global markets.”  [Read more…]