ASA’s Pilot’s Manual Series now available on iBooks

ASA’s Pilot’s Manual Series is now available on iBooks. This series, which provides coverage of the practical aspects of flying, has been edited by a team of airline, military, and professional pilots, flight instructors, university professors, FAA representatives, meteorologists, members of the AOPA Air Safety Foundation, and designated examiners.

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Show the world you’re a pilot

ASA’s new “Pilot” T-shirt combines a bright, bold eye-catching font-with-propeller design, and a splash of color to deliver that simple message in sleek and casual style.

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Practical Test Standards for ATP updated

Now available is the updated Practical Test Standards For Airline Transport Pilot and Type Rating.

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New WAI scholarships available

Despite the deadline to apply for a Women in Aviation International scholarship having come and gone, two new scholarships are now available for 2012. These new scholarships bring the total to 73 individual scholarships valued at $520,900 to be awarded to WAI members.

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Master today’s sophisticated cockpits

The new FAA Advanced Avionics Handbook provides general aviation users with comprehensive information on the advanced avionics equipment available in technically advanced aircraft (TAA).

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New course helps transition to glass

A new course from ASA helps pilots transitioning from conventional “round dials” to the Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) glass cockpit environment.

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Updated IA test preparation products now available

Inspection Authorization (IA) candidates now have newly updated tools to help them prepare for and pass the FAA IA Knowledge Exam.

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New AMT training products from ASA

The AMT Graphics CD has been updated with full-color images to help educators provide maintenance students with the best learning experience.

amtAMT Graphics-Textbook Images is a CD-ROM of Microsoft PowerPoint slides that includes all of the figures, tables and charts found throughout ASA’s AMT textbooks by Dale Crane. More than 2,000 slides are included, illustrating the entire span of Aviation Maintenance Technician FAA knowledge requirement subjects. The slides are categorized and labeled to make them easy to identify for the chapter and subject instructors want to use, according to ASA officials.

This comprehensive CD-ROM is sold separately but is also included with the AMT Series: Curriculum Guide.

The Aviation Maintenance Technician Series: Curriculum Guide, by Dale Crane, provides A&P instructors and educators course outlines, graphics, color transparencies, and tests. The Curriculum Guide also comes with the AMT Prepware CD so that instructors can use the “Quizmaker” utility to generate all types of exams, pop quizzes and master answer keys using actual FAA questions.

Price: $79.95. AMT Series Curriculum Guide is $199.95.

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Third edition of multi-engine textbook available

book2The third edition of “The Complete Multi-Engine Pilot” by Bob Gardner remains a favorite among students and instructors.

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ASA debuts Learn To Fly blog

ASA’s new blog is dedicated to helping people who are learning to fly, as well as those interested in learning.

At readers will find tips, tricks and stories about becoming a pilot from featured ASA authors Greg Brown, Laurel Lippert, David Diamond, Paul Hamilton, and other contributing experts, as they share their flying wisdom and adventures.

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