Confused in Texas

Recently we heard from an exasperated reader from a major general aviation airport in southeastern Texas. Like many of his fellow recreational pilots in the Lone Star state, he had asked his new airport manager for help getting mogas onto the airfield as a means to lower the cost of flying. He had even gone to the effort to find a surplus fuel tank and a supplier of aviation-grade mogas (ethanol-free, 91+ AKI). The response from the airport’s manager is sadly typical of the confusion that remains prevalent in aviation. I have paraphrased this below:

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San Carlos — try mogas

As reported this week by Flying, the EPA has issued its findings on lead emissions it has been monitoring the past two years at 17 airports across the country. For pilots in Southern California and the Bay area, the news was not good:  [Read more...]

The answer to GA’s woes: Technology

There is a story going around about a toothpaste company that was having quality problems. It seems that every once in a while an empty tube would go through the system and get to the stores. This was causing several customers to threaten to cancel their orders.

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The FAA’s broken record?

As General Aviation News reported yesterday, the FAA has issued a long-anticipated request for proposals for a lead-free drop-in replacement for avgas.

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FAA requests proposals for options to transition GA to unleaded fuel

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The FAA has asked the world’s fuel producers to submit proposals for options that would help the general aviation industry make a transition to an unleaded fuel.

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Florida and Maine pass symbolic anti-ethanol laws

In moves that are largely symbolic, Florida and Maine recently passed laws aimed at providing more ethanol-free options at the pump.

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Chevron abandoning avgas?

Last week your bloggers received news that Chevron appears to be departing the avgas distribution business. We called Hank Maierhoffer, manager of the Plantation Airpark in Sylvania, Ga., (JYL) who confirmed that his avgas supplier, Chevron, is ending sales of avgas and has covered up his Chevron sign.

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Waco Flying Services launches fuel price matching program

Waco Flying Service President Clark Brooks has announced that, to help pilots contain costs, the FBO will begin matching all competitors’ prices, effective immediately.

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Cessna’s JT-A takes first production flight

WICHITA, Kan. — The first production flight of Cessna’s Turbo Skylane 182 JT-A took place May 21 at the company’s facility in Independence, Kan. The aircraft is powered by a piston engine specifically designed to run on Jet-A fuel.

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Ethanol repeal efforts make progress

Further evidence that consumers demand an ethanol-free alternative has been provided in recent weeks by actions at both state and federal levels. As reported by this blog on Feb. 20, Florida State Representative Matt Gaetz has led an effort to repeal his state’s mandates on the use of ethanol blends in vehicles.

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