The FBO fuel sales model is broken and anti-competitive

In almost every article about the future of leaded avgas, this statement appears, “… only one fuel will be stocked by the FBO system.” This particular quote comes from a reply by Mac McClellen to Todd Petersen in Mac’s latest Left Seat blog on the EAA’s website. You will also find it in almost every article and editorial from any aviation alphabet organization about the modern state of 100LL avgas.

My question is why are FBO’s the sole determinant of fuel sales on an airport? The answer is because of an obsolete view of what an FBO should do.

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New law exempts Florida FBOs from tax

General aviation advocates are hailing the passage of new legislation that will benefit not only aviation businesses in Florida, but general aviation aircraft owners. Language in a new economic development bill includes sales-tax exemptions for repairs and equipment on aircraft that weigh 2,000 pounds or more. The previous exemption was for aircraft that weighed 15,000 pounds.

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AeroPremier Jet Center debuts at NEW

Drive-through Canopy at new Jet Aviation FBO at Houston Hobby Airport

After almost four years, AeroPremier Jet Center finally moves into its new FBO offices at New Orleans Lakefront Airport (NEWS) in a recently renovated terminal. Formerly a National Guard helicopter facility, the building was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina and it was uncertain what the fate of the structure would be pending FEMA funding discussions.

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