Flight Design’s ‘fun’ factor

Tom Peghiny of Flight Design USA sells the No. 1 LSA in the country, the Flight Design CTLS. But he’s also selling fun.

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Flight Design to debut new propulsion system

ctsmallLSA manufacturer Flight Design plans to unveil one of the first “green” projects for light aircraft powerplants at next month’s Aero Friedrichshafen in Germany.

“Rising oil prices and environmental regulations will begin to force airplane manufacturers to rethink propulsion systems. Flight Design is sure that in the long term, research developments for electric or hydrogen powered propulsion systems will provide realistic, useful solutions,” said Flight Design CEO Matthias Betsch. “To have in the short and middle term efficient and environmentally-friendly airplanes for general aviation, Flight Design has in the last two years developed, together with Franz Aircraft Engines, a hybrid concept, which first will be shown to the public at Aero.”

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