enhances FBO Fuel Prices App has added GPS functionality to its FBO Fuel Prices app.

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Airworthy Autogas to produce unleaded gasoline for aviation

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Airworthy AutoGas, LLC will produce and distribute Airworthy AutoGas, a high purity, low vapor pressure, ethanol-free, 93 octane, premium unleaded automotive gasoline, beginning in the Fall of 2013.

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Four more airports offer mogas

News reached your bloggers in recent days of four more airports that now offer lead-free, ethanol-free mogas:

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Signal Aviation now offering Phillips 66 fuel

Signal Aviation Services, an FBO at Lebanon Municipal Airport (LEB) in West Lebanon, N.H.,  has joined the Phillips 66 Aviation dealer network.

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FuelerLinx releases mobile app

FuelerLinx has released its new mobile app for the iPhone and iPad, making the same fuel buying capability available to both pilots on the road and scheduler/dispatchers in the hangar.

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A resolution to use good judgment

Jamie Beckett is a CFI and A&P mechanic who stepped into the political arena in an effort to promote and protect GA at his local airport.

Since this is the week that Americans traditionally delve deeply into their resolution bag to try to identify the one or two personality traits that they should work to improve in the coming year, I have a suggestion. Let’s try to improve our judgment. It’s a small thing, but it comes into play often, and when we go wrong, bad judgment can leave a big impression.

It’s hard to convince the neighbors that you’re a responsible adult who is worthy of their respect if you’re standing in the street dressed in your underwear, a big smile, and a pair of handcuffs. Bad judgment and poor decision making can lead to this sort of thing. It’s not good. [Read more...]