World War I aviation experts featured at museum symposium

Photo: World War I Pfalz D.XII (foreground) and Sopwith Snipe on display at The Museum of Flight. Ted Huetter/The Museum of Flight, Seattle.

SEATTLE — On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, a one-day symposium at The Museum of Flight on Saturday, July 26, brings together the leading experts on World War I aviation to show how recent investigations are revealing surprising new information.

Speakers include Javier Arango, who uses his personal collection of airworthy World War I airplanes in flight programs to chart the real abilities of the ancient aircraft. Other presenters are renowned World War I aviation historians and authors John Morrow, John Ross, John S. Ballard and Richard Hallion.

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Front page news

Wiley Post’s Lockheed Orion after being mounted on floats at Bryn Mawr Air Field, which is now the north end of the Renton, Washington, airport.

LINDBERGH DOES IT! TO PARIS IN 33-1/3 HOURS cried out the newspaper headlines on May 22, 1927. Lindbergh’s epic flight made front page headlines in papers all around the world.

We are all aware of the impact Lindbergh’s New York-to-Paris ?ight had on the public, but what other aviation events of the 1920s and 1930s were deemed of enough importance to garner headlines in the newspapers?

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Tales of the B-52


A presentation on the Boeing B-52 bomber is slated for Saturday, Feb. 21, at 2 p.m. at The Museum of Flight in Seattle.

A panel of three B-52 pioneers will be at the museum, including Dick Taylor (pictured, in younger days), former chief of B-52 flight test; Brien Wygle, a B-52 engineering test pilot; and Air Force test pilot Brig. Gen. Guy Townsend (USAF Ret.), who was a pilot on the aircraft’s first flight. The Boeing Co. Historian Michael Lombardi will moderate the panel.

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