Cessna 182 hits fence

After an uneventful departure, climb, and cruise, the pilot performed a standard 45° entry into the traffic pattern at the high elevation airport in Big Bear, Calif.

The Cessna 182Q descended low during the final approach, and the pilot applied full forward throttle control. The engine responded, however the descent was not arrested as he expected. [Read more…]

Failure to maintain control during go-around proves fatal

The Cirrus SR20 was captured on airport surveillance cameras as the pilot attempted to land in Bolingbrook, Ill. A review of the video revealed that the plane touched down multiple times about halfway down the runway.

During the go-around, witnesses reported that they observed the SR20 depart the runway and make a left turn at low altitude. It descended with the wings level as it flew over a few buildings. It then hit a tree and a light pole, and then hit terrain next to a bank building. [Read more…]

Failure to remove rudder gust lock kills two

The pilot/owner purchased the Aeronca 7AC about a month before the accident and was flying near Taunton, Mass., with a pilot-rated passenger who owned a similar model airplane. A witness reported that the airplane accelerated and climbed normally to an altitude of about 50 to 100 feet above the ground. It then entered a slow right turn and began to descend until it hit the ground and immediately became engulfed in fire. Both the pilot and passenger were killed. [Read more…]

CFIT for student pilot

The student pilot reported that while on a solo cross-country flight in a Cessna 172E, she was using dead reckoning through the mountains. She was unsure of her location and, as she proceeded to the west, the mountainous terrain became steeper, which required her to ascend from 7,500 feet mean sea level to 8,500 feet msl. [Read more…]