Pilot ground loops Cessna 175

The private pilot was landing the tailwheel-equipped Cessna 175 on a paved runway in Willimantic, Conn.

During the landing roll, a ground witness heard a “shimmy” when the tailwheel made contact with the paved surface. The plane departed the right side of the runway into grass, where it ground-looped. [Read more…]

Stall proves fatal

The fatal flight was an instructional flight in Flushing, Mich., with a student pilot and a flight instructor onboard.

Video evidence from a ground-based source indicated that the Taylorcraft BC12-65 was in a nose-high left turn at a moderate bank angle. [Read more…]

Piper hits trees after ‘lost lift’

The pilot reported that the engine run-up and the initial takeoff were normal and that the Piper PA-28 rotated at 50 mph and lifted off at 60 mph from the airport in Lafayette, Ind.

The airplane then accelerated to its best angle of climb speed and cleared the front edge of a band of trees that bordered the end of the runway, after which it descended into the trees and subsequently hit terrain. [Read more…]