Pipistrel finalizes a new LSA trainer


Engineers at Pipistrel must not sleep in too often. This company, which won the NASA efficiency challenge several times — in 2011 taking home a $1.35 million cash prize — just unveiled a full-size version of a sleek four-seat design called the Panthera. Now on the other end of the spectrum comes its Alpha Trainer, a reasonably priced LSA model aimed at the flight instruction market.

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Pilot lands Pipistrel in Antarctic


Slovene pilot Matevž Lenarcic, who is flying around the world in his modified Pipistrel Virus SW 914 Turbo with an Intercooler unit, made a succesful landing in the Antarctic Feb. 16.

Matevž started his epic flight Jan. 7 from Ljubljana, Slovenia. On his route he is planning to cross the equator six times, cover more than 80,000 km, fly over all seven continents, over almost 60 countries, over 120 national parks, three oceans, and the five tallest peaks, including Mt. Everest. So far, he has flown the distance of about 25,000 kilometers, covering approximately one third of the way.

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Pipistrel unveils its second generation Virus


The second generation of Pipistrel‘s Virus SW is now in production at the company’s headquarters in Slovenia.

The LSA won NASA’s Centennial Personal Air Vehicle challenge in 2007 and the NASA General Aviation Technology Challenge in 2008, boasting higher speed, range and climb rate than other challengers, along with lower cabin noise, lower empty weight and shorter takeoff distances.

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