WD-40 offers 1950s collector’s can; wants your stories


WD-40 Company is introducing its WD-40 Collector’s Can and encouraging fans to share stories and photos of how they’ve used the product over the years to get the job done.

The limited edition Now & Then Twin Pack, which includes an 8-ounce WD-40 Collector’s Can and an 8-ounce WD-40 Smart Straw can, will be available at Walmart and other participating retailers nationwide beginning July 1. The WD-40 Collector’s Can, a fully functional, black-and-yellow version of the spray can, pays homage to a time when WD-40 was used in the aerospace industry under Rocket Chemical Co. in the 1950s. The WD-40 Smart Straw can features the iconic blue-and-yellow packaging and features a permanently attached straw that flips up and down to spray two ways.

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Aero Twin receives additional improvements for its Honeywell engine installations


Aero Twin, Inc. has received additional FAA approval for improvements in its Honeywell TPE331-12JR-701AT/-703AT engine installation in both the Cessna Caravan (Model 208) and the Grand Caravan and Super Cargomaster (Model 208B) aircraft. The original FAA Supplemental Type Certificate No. SA02291AK, was awarded to Aero Twin, Inc. by the FAA Anchorage Aircraft Certification Office on July 24, 2007, which was the first FAA certified Honeywell engine upgrade for the Caravans.

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AvConnect expands by powering EvoTrack

AvConnect has expanded, providing the technology behind maintenance management provider Evolution Aviators, and offering Corvalis owners the latest in maintenance tracking technology. AvConnect, together with Evolution Aviators, has launched EvoTrack, a fully customized version of AvConnect’s online aircraft and pilot management system, designed for Evolution’s customers.

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ALLFBO.com launches

Recently introduced is ALLFBO.com, a web-based software application that offers a streamlined way for FBOs to book trips with pilots, schedulers or dispatchers either over the phone or through the web.

ALLFBO aims to reduce employee workload and makes connecting with pilots, schedulers, and dispatchers easier then ever, according to company officials. The tools provided allow FBOs to work more efficiently with team members, track and complete tasks, send customizable trip itineraries complete with confirmation codes, and receive feedback. ALLFBO offers pay-as-you-go-plans starting at $45 monthly, recurring billing starting at $75, and a limited-time only Grand Opening special that includes unlimited trip booking for $279 per month.

For more information: ALLFBO.com or 206-330-6310

Fly that Tiger!


All pilots have a favorite airplane. Randy Sill from Indianapolis has a passion for Titan Tornados and he’s proven it many times over.”I have built six of these,” he said when General Aviation News caught up with him at Sun ‘n Fun.

The aircraft is a Titan Tornado S. “The S stands for stretch,” he said. “These aircraft fly so amazingly well, like little jet fighters, so I like to put a little bit of flare into the paint scheme. This one is Tony the Tiger. It is painted H2 Hummer yellow and has black vinyl graphics so it looks like a Bengal tiger.”

When Sills lands, he and the Tornado get swarmed. He’s used to it, he says, noting the tiger scheme isn’t the first time he’s had an eye-catching design. “Other paint schemes include a psychedelic paint job that got the name Fruit Loops because it had all the colors of the cereal and another one called Captain America because it was red, white and blue with flowing color,” he said.

The tiger is not the last aircraft for Sills. “I am building a Titan T-51 3/4-scale Mustang,” he said. “It will probably have a crazy paint scheme too.” h

For more information: TitanAircraft.com.

Barnstormers take Aberdeen

Walking the Barnstormers flight line

Walking the Barnstormers flight line

Sarah Wilson, who is part of the American Barnstormers Tour, sends these photos from the tour’s latest stop at Aberdeen Regional Airport (ABR) in South Dakota. Aberdeen was the fourth stop of the seven-city tour, which is set to wind up July 5 at Chandler Field Airport (AXN) in Alexandria, Minn. At each stop, people can tour the flight line for free, meet the barnstormers, who dress in vintage clothing, and buy a ride in one of the planes. [Read more…]

Another temporary extension for FAA

Once again the Senate and House could not agree on reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration and the House passed a one-month extension of funding and taxing authority to keep the FAA operating through July. The FAA has been without long-term authority since Sept. 30, 2007. It has been operating on a series of three-month extensions. The existing extension expires July 3.

Long-term reauthorization has been passed by the House but action on it has been held up in the Senate over several matters. The most difficult to resolve concerns unionization of Federal Express workers. Staff members have been meeting diligently in this extension period with neither side showing any signs of giving ground.

Rep. James Oberstar (D-Minn.) said both houses are close to agreement and he hopes to have an agreement by Aug. 1, when the latest extension will expire.

For sale: Murphy Renegade line


Though Murphy Aircraft struck a deal in early 2009 to sell the rights and assets of the Murphy Renegade line of aircraft, the buyer was unable to nail down the financing, and has lost its option, which means the rights to manufacture the Renegade and Renegade Spirit, including customer leads and inquiries, intellectual property, fixtures and inventory, are again available. In addition, Darryl Murphy, designer of the Renegade and Renegade Spirit, will be available on a consulting basis.

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Beyond the Runway

As members of the Florida Aviation Trades Association (FATA) gathered earlier this month in St. Augustine two things became very clear: Attendees were still waiting for the big recovery for the industry, but their enthusiasm for what they do — and for aviation — was still strong, according to Paula Raeburn, executive director, who noted, “It was a pleasant sound to hear laughter fill the trade show during the social events.”

During the conference, a new program debuted, “Beyond the Runway — Why General Aviation Means Business.” [Read more…]

CAF B-29 test flights postponed

All test flights scheduled for the Commemorative Air Force’s B-29 Superfortress FIFI, on June 29 and 30, have been postponed until further notice. Due to a scheduling conflict, the FAA will not be able to issue a new Airworthiness Certificate for the B-29 Superfortress FIFI until next week at the earliest, CAF officials said, noting the certificate is required for FIFI to begin test flights.

For more information: CommemorativeAirForce.org