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The September issues of General Aviation News will spotlight innovators. You know an innovation when you see one. The kind of product or service that makes you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Do you know of a product or service that has made a difference in your flying or learning or owning or… you get the idea. Tell us so we can share it with your fellow aviators.

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Exit ramps, profit, and Yourtown USA

It is well known in most circles that airlines travel on highways in the sky. Admittedly, most folks don’t know those highways are called airways, but the name is logical, whether the general public knows it or not.

However, few have made the obvious connection between the highway in the sky concept, and the airport in their town. Perhaps this is because aircraft, unlike automobiles, can choose to use the highway or go off-road (VFR) at will. And unlike automobile users, there are massive numbers of pilots flying off-road (VFR) every day, from coast to coast.

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Napa Airport provides staging area for earthquake response

When the largest quake to hit Northern California since 1989 struck just south of Napa in the early morning of Aug. 24, its epicenter was less than 2 miles from Napa County Airport (APC), but the airfield stayed open and provided a critical staging area for disaster response.

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FAA offers new weather reporting tool for pilots

The FAA is encouraging the use of a new tool for electronic submission of pilot weather reports (PIREPs).

The tool is located on the National Weather Service’s (NWS’s) Aviation Weather Center (AWC) Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) website, and lets pilot enter real time turbulence and icing PIREPs electronically, along with other weather observations, which will then be displayed graphically and distributed nationwide.

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Final fly-in for Art Scholl Aviation at Rialto Airport

Nearly 100 pilots flew in from all over Aug. 31 to mark the closure of Art Scholl Aviation, a staple at Rialto Municipal Airport for 36 years. The impromptu fly-in also commemorated the impending closure of the Rialto airport later this year, according to a report in the San Bernadino County Sun newspaper.

Hartzell Trailblazer prop approved for Husky

Hartzell Propeller has received Supplemental Type Certificate approval from the FAA for installation of the company’s new Swept-Tip Trailblazer propellers on all Aviat Husky utility aircraft.

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BrightLine Bags reconfigures The Flex System

BrightLine Bags has reconfigured the Flex System, its modular gear-bag product line.

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LoPresti debuts Cessna Citation safety upgrade

LoPresti Aviation has released an upgrade on the BoomBeam HID light kit for Citation. The BoomBeam HID lights are approved for the recognition, landing and taxi lights.

“LoPresti has been in the BoomBeam lighting business for Citation’s for many years,” says Curt LoPresti, President of LoPresti Aviation. “Over these years we have constantly improved and updated our product.  We now offer our newest Next Generation 85 watt systems for Citation. These new 85 watt units offer more than 10 times the range of the standard lights. This is an important safety enhancement. Our business model requires that we only produce the highest performing products. LoPresti means high performance and that is what we offer.”

Maule caught in crosswind

Aircraft: Maule MXT-180A. Injuries: None. Location: Manzanita, Ore. Aircraft damage: Substantial.

What reportedly happened: The pilot said everything seemed normal as the airplane crossed over the trees on final approach, and it was lined up with the runway centerline. But before the plane touched down, the wind shifted to a crosswind, and the airplane veered to the side of the runway.

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License or certificate?

If you pilot an aircraft, you probably tell friends you have a pilot’s license. Right? Maybe.

What you have now is a pilot’s CERTIFICATEThe FAA issues LICENSES for commercial space transportation.

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