Cirrus and partners unite to grow general aviation

DULUTH, Minn. – Cirrus Aircraft’s JumpStart Program will place 12 brand new and fully equipped SR20s at Cirrus training centers in select markets across the country, to give more new pilots a comprehensive introduction to general aviation by learning to fly in a Cirrus.

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Link: A Skosh of Paranoia

A fatal stall/spin accident, reconstructed by AOPA, led to a discussion between friends and was capped off by an interested blog post titled, “A Skosh of Paranoia” by Ron Rapp at the House of Rapp blog. As is often said, a good pilot is always learning. Do yourself a favor and wander over to Ron’s site for a read.

Pilot Report: SAM LS

SAM LS Designer Thierry Zibi and I met at Sandpiper Aviation at Meacham Airport in Fort Worth during October’s AOPA Summit. We chatted for about an hour prior to climbing aboard the tandem two-seater — named for Zibi’s son — for a flight around the area.

Thierry told me SAM LS prototype we were going to fly had about 145 hours on the airframe, was “docile, safe and enjoyable,” and to look for 70-75 mph on takeoff.

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VIDEO: Baumgartner’s 24-mile jump from new perspective

Felix Baumgartner jumped from more than 24 miles above the earth’s surface back in October 2012. Millions watched it live via YouTube. On Friday, January 31, GoPro uploaded a first person view of the jump. To see Felix exit the Red Bull Stratos capsule is toe curling. To see his suit barely move in the first minute of his free fall shows exactly how little atmosphere he’s falling through. Enjoy this 8+ minute perspective.

Hungry? Stop in at 68C any Friday

Iola is about 50 miles northwest of Oshkosh, Wis., and home to Central County Flyers Association. A good many have heard of their weekly, since 2002, Friday lunch gatherings. Year-round, pilots and non-pilots fly (or drive) to 68C for a hot meal prepared by Bill Kinsman. Cost is $8 for any member (who has paid a $10 life-time membership fee). For those of us less familiar with 68C, Barry Adams wrote a wonderful story titled, “Fridays at the fly-and-dine” for the Wisconsin State Journal. It is well worth the read. Friday’s menu is Chicken Tenders, french fries, salad, rolls, cake, coffee and milk. Soda is $.75 extra.

Hamilton to be inducted into Colo. Hall of Fame

Dr. Penny Hamilton of Granby, Colorado will be inducted into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame on March 20.

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VIDEO: Backcountry fun in Just Aircraft SuperSTOL

The Idaho backcountry makes for a picturesque scene in the hands of a capable pilot. Wild West Aircraft‘s Steve Henry shows off the abilities of the Just Aircraft SuperSTOL in this 4+ minute video. Fun stuff.

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What’s your story?

We tell stories. In 2014 we want to tell your story.

This year, we will dive deeper into fewer subject. Don’t worry, we’ll still deliver the news and information you read General Aviation News for. But there are a few topics we want to expand, and need your help.

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Podcast: Slipstream Radio launches

So a corporate/GA pilot and a fighter pilot walk into a bar… Brent Owens, is a corporate (Falcon) pilot and an RV-8 owner/pilot. Rob Burgon is an Air Force F-22 pilot. Together they’ve formed Slipstream Radio, a twice monthly aviation podcast.

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Video: Interesting way to pick up a flag

The inverted ribbon cut has been a staple of many airshow acts over the years. This video raises the bar (or is it now lower) greatly. Any U.S.-based act care to step up and try this?

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