Props for the prop


This time of year I find myself doing a lot of intro flights. The first question people ask is, “is it safe?” I reply that I’m more concerned about my safety driving to the airport than I am in the airplane.

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Time warp



Many of us in aviation today are guilty of the sin of “the way it used to be-itis.”

I’m a second-generation general aviation pilot who spent many a Saturday and Sunday out at the airport in the 1970s with my folks and their friends. The airport was a busy place on weekends in those days. People would barbeque at the hangar or have fly-outs to the coast for picnics. Cubs, Champs, and Cessnas, new and old, were common and affordable. Our local municipal airport even had a campground for pilots. I have many great memories from those days. It is why I fly.

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American Angel

Picture 2

Angels have been part of aviation myths since the early days of flight — so much so that two successful Hollywood movies, “A Guy Named Joe” and the 1989 remake “Always,” were centered on a pilot turned angel who comes to the rescue of fellow pilots. John and Patti Stahr from Eugene, Ore., enthusiastically embraced that angelic connection with their RV-8 “American Angel.”

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Pilots Without Pants returns for 2013


With all the talk at year’s end about the fiscal cliff, the potential of user fees, and the end of the world — at least according to some Mayan calendar theory — there was definitely a need for some levity among the general aviation community.

So, sticking with the calendar theme, take a moment to enjoy the sheer lunacy of the folks who make up the Antique Airplane Club of Greater New York, based at Bayport Aerodrome (23N). Their yearly fundraiser is a calendar and, for the second time, club members posed nude with their antique aircraft to create the calendar.

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Tree of Hope a success, despite weather


The weather attempted to put a stop to Tree of Hope 2012 in Minnesota, but thanks to all who participated, there were many hospitalized children who received a gift this holiday season, according to organizers.

The all-volunteer program, started in 1990 by Ray and Celeste Shefland, collects toys for children who are hospitalized during the holidays. Each year, pilots in the area collect thousands of toys and distribute them to hospitals across the state.

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