iFly GPS iPad app debuts

Adventure Pilot, manufacturer and developer of portable navigation devices for pilots, has unveiled the iFly GPS app.

The iFly GPS for iPad delivers full-featured moving map navigation with features like Geo-Referenced Approach Plates, de-cluttered Vector Mode, AutoTaxi+, RealView Airports, Vertical Flight Planning and more, according to company officials.

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Dual Electronics launches XGPS160-Sky Pro

HEATHROW, Florida – Dual Electronics Corp. has introduced the XGPS160 SkyPro GPS Receiver. Designed specifically with pilots in mind, [Read more...]

iFly 520 debuts

Just introduced is the iFly 520 Aviation GPS, a new 5-inch brother to the iFly 720, with an introductory price of  $399.

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GPS Innovation Alliance launches

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Citing the ever-increasing importance of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to the global economy and infrastructure, a group of GPS advocates have formed the GPS Innovation Alliance, an organization dedicated to furthering GPS innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

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Updates for iFly GPS released

Adventure Pilot has released its Version 7.5 Software Update for its iFly GPS. Enhancements include Portrait Mode, Interactive Instrument Mode, WAC Charts and more.

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Bankrupt LightSquared pitches another plan

Wireless venture LightSquared, which filed bankruptcy in May, is seeking approval for a plan that will allow it to share airwaves with federal agencies. In filings with the Federal Communication Commission, the company says this will solve the technical problems that prevented the launch of its nationwide 4G network. A report at The Hill notes that the FCC granted the company a conditional waiver to move forward in 2011, but the agency blocked the network earlier this year after tests showed its cell towers would interfere with critical GPS devices, including those used by pilots.

What comes after GPS?

A report at Avionics Today notes that while GPS has more worldwide users than ever, safety and security concerns have insiders looking for what should replace it. The report details those safety and security concerns, as well as puts forth several ideas for the next big thing.

iFly GPS upgraded

Adventure Pilot has released its Version 7 Software Update for the iFly GPS. New features include Terrain/Obstructions, an Active Alerting System, Vertical Flight Planning, and more, company officials said.

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LightSquared files for bankruptcy

LightSquared has filed for bankruptcy, saying it will seek to resolve the concerns of U.S. regulators who thwarted the company’s plan to build a nationwide high-speed wireless network that tests showed interfered with GPS signals. According to a Bloomberg report, LightSquared listed assets of $4.48 billion and debt of $2.29 billion in the bankruptcy filing, which is “intended to give LightSquared sufficient breathing room to continue working through the regulatory process that will allow us to build our 4G wireless network,” Chief Financial Officer Marc Montagner is quoted in the report.

LightSquared moves towards bankruptcy

LightSquared Inc. was preparing Sunday to file for bankruptcy protection after negotiations with lenders to avoid a potential debt default faltered, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. LightSquared is the company that received a conditional waiver from the FCC to build a wireless network on a spectrum that interfered with GPS, a move fought vehemently by general aviation advocacy groups.