Luscombe WIN ME! plane awarded

jack mason win me 2012

A long-time Luscombe lover, from a family of Luscombe lovers, is this year’s grand prize winner in the Luscombe Endowment’s “WIN ME” raffle.

The winner, Jack Mason, purchased 10 tickets. He learned to fly while a teen, soloing in his father’s Luscombe 8A N72025 in 1977. [Read more…]

Looking for Clint Eastwood


Folks haven’t seen us around the airport much for the past few weeks. An early and long spring has put the Old Man into a planting and building fervor. You name the vegetable and it’s probably planted in our garden. It’s really nice to have fresh produce, but many of the vegetables he planted in large quantities will be ready for harvest around mid-July. I hope he retains some of this enthusiasm when the temperatures are 90 squared (90°F and 90% humidity).

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These are the days

It’s that time of year when I get to whine. Weather wise, December through March is typically dreary, often with gray skies and cold temperatures. We even have a snow shower or two here in north Georgia that gets the news media all in a tizzy. However, this year has been exceptionally warm, although we’ve had our share of dreary wet days.

I can get through the winter just fine if I get a day now and then for a smooth flight in Lester. It’s just as well that winter often limits my good VFR flying days, because this is also the time of year when our bank account is stretched to the limit.

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