Cessna runs out of fuel on final

The Cessna 210 was on the base leg of the traffic pattern to Wenatchee, Wash., when the engine suddenly lost power. It landed hard in a nose-high attitude, and the tail cone struck the runway, resulting in damage to the aft bulkhead and lower fuselage stringer. [Read more…]

Iconic seaplane to star in Hollywood movie


“What is that?”

My student and I were on downwind to Runway 16 at Pierce County/Thun Field (KPLU) in Puyallup, Wash., when he uttered this phrase. “It looks like something out of World War II!” he exclaimed as we saw the high-wing boat-hulled aircraft make its final approach.

And he is right. The “that” in question is a 1945 PBY, an amphibious Patrol Bomber (the PB) built by Consolidated Aircraft. During their military service, many of the PBYs were used for patrol and to rescue sailors and aviators from the ocean. Many were kept in the military until the 1980s, then released to become water bombers for fire fighting.

This particular PBY belongs to Bud Rude of Spanaway, Wash., and it’s set to star in a movie with Nicolas Cage about the rescue of sailors from the USS Indianapolis during World War II. [Read more…]

Poor fuel management by Beech pilot

The pilot of the Beech Bonanza was on a cross-country flight that was supposed to take one hour and 50 minutes. At the start there were about 30 gallons of fuel in each wing tank, of which 27 gallons were usable fuel per side, which should have been enough fuel for the length of flight. [Read more…]

Kitfox stalls on approach

Witnesses on the ground stated that the Kitfox took off from Runway 27 at St. Lucie, Fla., then entered the pattern for landing. One witness noted that, during the downwind leg, the airplane was “very close in” to the runway. [Read more…]