Bad first solo for student pilot

The flight instructor had the non-certified student pilot performing touch-and go-landings in Morrilton, Ark. The student had applied for, but not received, a student pilot certificate.

She told investigators that she studied Gleim FAA Test Preparation since her first flight and believed that her flight instructor’s “diligent” flight training, along with the Gleim material, prepared her for her first solo. The student pilot had logged 12.5 hours at the time of the accident. [Read more…]

VFR into IFR kills two

The private pilot had logged 175.7 hours, including18.1 hours in the Cessna 182 prior to the crash. He obtained an abbreviated weather briefing, filed an IFR flight plan and took off on a cross-country flight to Fredericksburg, Texas.

The pilot was accompanied by his wife. The purpose of the flight was to celebrate their wedding anniversary. While en route, an air traffic controller queried the pilot if he had the current weather information for his destination airport. [Read more…]

Slow approach leads to fatal stall

The private pilot of the Cessna 170, 59, had logged 476.2 total flight hours, including 432.1 hours in the Cessna 170, including 3.75 hours in the previous 90 days.

A friend of the pilot said he saw the Cessna 170 enter the traffic pattern at the airport in Auburn, Calif., but didn’t watch the full approach and landing because he was busy putting his airplane back into his hangar. [Read more…]