Passenger walks into spinning propeller

The pilot of the Cessna 172 had previously flown with two passengers on separate flights. The passengers stated that the pilot briefed them that they were to enter and exit the airplane at all times from the right rear and that, at no time, should they be near or in front of the airplane while the engine was operating. [Read more…]

Runway soft spot catches RV-8

The pilot of the RV-8 called the destination airport in Cortland, Ohio, to check on the condition of the turf runway. No concerns were noted.

The pilot said that the flight and touch down were normal but, during the landing roll, the airplane encountered a soft spot in the runway and nosed over, coming to rest inverted. [Read more…]

Cessna runs out of fuel on final

The Cessna 210 was on the base leg of the traffic pattern to Wenatchee, Wash., when the engine suddenly lost power. It landed hard in a nose-high attitude, and the tail cone struck the runway, resulting in damage to the aft bulkhead and lower fuselage stringer. [Read more…]