Is unleaded avgas coming to an airport near you?

Perhaps you noticed the announcement that Swift Fuels made at AirVenture 2015, which was also carried by General Aviation News. Swift Fuels has begun distributing 94 MON, unleaded aviation fuel to several airports and has begun a program to distribute it throughout the U.S.

Airports currently carrying the new 94 MON unleaded aviation fuel are KAID, 05C and 7I2 in Indiana and KRMY in Michigan. Each airport replaced a mogas distribution except 05C, which added it as a new fuel service.

I’m not going to delve into the cosmic political and business implications of introducing a “low octane” unleaded avgas while the industry is working diligently on trying to find a 100 octane unleaded “drop-in” replacement for 100LL. Rather, I’m going to try to clarify who can use this fuel at the current time, because it is not everyone you might assume. [Read more…]

Swift Fuels launches unleaded avgas

Swift Fuels

Swift Fuels will introduce its unleaded 94 MON avgas at the annual EAA AirVenture Oshkosh July 20-26, at the Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Working with avgas producers and distributors, Swift Fuels is making plans to supply unleaded 94 MON avgas to select regions in the United States and Canada. The premium quality unleaded fuel, tailored for lower-octane piston-engines, is already FAA certified and meets ASTM standards for aviation gasoline, according to company officials.

The fuel will not replace 100LL now sold at airports for high performance aircraft. [Read more…]

The devil is in the details with unleaded avgas

In the 1970s, the automotive world switched from leaded to unleaded fuels and the oil companies did a lot of research on knocking and how to prevent it. One of the big projects involved octane requirement increase (ORI).

In this program, cars were rated for octane requirement when new and then every 2,000 miles. The octane requirement increased until it leveled off at about 20,000 miles. [Read more…]

Taxing the lead out of 100LL

California was the first state to attempt to remove the lead from 100LL by lawsuit. Unfortunately, the result of the unsuccessful CEH lawsuit only increased the cost of 100LL in the state.

Now, along comes Oregon, which wants to tax the lead out of 100LL. I have a feeling this method will appeal to other states, so prepare to see it find traction in your state legislature. [Read more…]

Result Of CEH lawsuit settlement: Were there any?

Fly Unleaded map

Late in 2011, a little known environmental organization, perhaps totally unknown in aviation circles, Center For Environmental Health (CEH) filed a lawsuit against “30 companies that sell and/or distribute lead-containing aviation gas (avgas) at 23 California airports, calling on the companies to provide safer alternative fuels.”

At the time, there was some fanfare in the aviation press about the lawsuit and it has been news off and on for three years. (Go ahead, Google: CEH leaded avgas I dare you).

[Read more…]