Georgetown adds mogas

Aviation Fuel Club member Charles McKinney sent us the news this week that the Brown County Airport (KGEO) in Georgetown, Ohio, now has 91 AKI mogas for sale.

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Would you fly more if avgas was $1 a gallon?

How does fuel price really influence general aviation? This October, a group of companies will use the Skyport aviation laboratory, in San Marcos, Texas, to find out by selling avgas for $1 a gallon.

“This experiment isn’t about the cost of avgas,” says Jeff Van West, director of Redbird Media, and spokesman for the experiment. “It’s true that we’re selling avgas for $1 per gallon for the entire month of October. [Read more...]

Oil and gas boom great news for airports

As reported last year in this blog, the expansion of oil and gas exploration in the U.S. and Canada in recent years is having a noticeable impact on the activity at general aviation airports located in or near the fields.

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SwiftFuel producers to speak to Oregon pilots convention

ALBANY, Ore. – Oregon pilots who attend the Oregon Pilots Association (OPA) Convention, Saturday, August 24 (10 a.m.) will hear first hand about SwiftFuel’s 100SF high-octane unleaded fuel for general aviation. The OPA Convention will be part of the Northwest Art & Air Festival which will be held August 23-25 at the Linn County Expo Center.

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Why gas prices aren’t dropping

Your bloggers have frequently reported that our country is now the largest producer of natural gas. We’re a net exporter of refined gasoline and it’s estimated that we will be the world’s largest producer of crude oil by 2020.  As a result of the ongoing economic malaise and the continued improvement of gas mileage (primarily a consequence of high fuel prices, not government fiat), fuel consumption has dropped dramatically over the past decade. Economics 101 tells us that as production increases, and consumption drops, surpluses are created, driving prices down. This is true, however, only in a free market free of government meddling.

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Arlington adds mogas

Pilots in the Pacific Northwest are enjoying lower-cost fuel and reduced lead problems ever since Arlington Flight Services at the Arlington Municipal Airport (AWO) added aviation-grade, 92 AKI mogas earlier this month. As many know, this airport hosts the annual Arlington Fly-In each July, one of the largest sport aviation events in the country. The availability of mogas at next year’s event is sure to encourage more to attend.

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Purdue jet to fly to Oshkosh on biofuel

OSHKOSH — Pilots from Purdue University will fly the university’s Embraer Phenom 100 jet to AirVenture on Friday, Aug. 2, powered in part by a biofuel. One of the jet’s twin Pratt & Whitney engines will be filled with conventional jet aviation fuel, while the other will contain a biofuel blend prepared by the U.S. Air Force.

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DIY fuel trailers

GAfuels blogger Dean Billing is nearing completion of his RANS S-7S, which will be powered by a mogas-burning Jabiru engine. With the fuel not being available at his airport in central Oregon, he decided to construct a fuel trailer to haul it from his supplier to his hangar.

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Phillips 66 Aviation introduces credit card with fuel rewards for GA pilots

OSHKOSH – The nation’s largest network of branded FBOs, Phillips 66 Aviation, is launching a new credit card for pilots that provides opportunities for triple WingPoints Rewards and double Young Eagles Fuel Rebates.

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Continental: Jet-A and mogas fuel the future

In AVweb’s recent article on the acquisition of Thielert by AVIC, the parent company of Continental Motors, Rhett Ross, CEO of Continental, expressed the reality that your bloggers have reported on for the past several years: ” … Continental said it wanted multiple solutions to accommodate both a global market and a U.S. market that steadfastly refuses to decide on fuel preferences in a world market that already has: Jet A and mogas.”

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