LiveAirShowTV releases Heritage Invitational preview

LiveAirshowTV has released its annual preview of the planes participating in the National Aviation Heritage Invitational during the Reno Air Races. This year over 25 planes are entered.

You can’t do that in a helicopter!

How many times do you think Chuck Aaron heard somebody say that?  ChChuck Int auck flies the Red Bull Helicopter, a specialized BO-105 helicopter that does aerobatics.  In fact, he is the only pilot in North America authorized to do that. LiveAirShowTV sat down with Chuck at the Wings Over Houston Airshow to find out how he got started flying and how he made the leap to helicopter aerobatics. Click here to see the story.

Meet Team AeroDynamix

Aerobatics are the lifeblood of any airshow. Multi-plane aerobatics are nothing new. We enjoy the Thunderbirds, and Blue Angels, and others. But what about a group of guys flying planes that they build themselves? That’s exactly what the largest aerobatic team in the world is — the 11-plane Team AeroDynamix, which fly Van’s RVs.

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Series on Michael Goulian wraps up on LiveAirShowTV

Goulian signs an autograph for a  young fan.

Goulian signs an autograph for a fan.

LiveAirShowTV wraps up the first installment of “Inside Airshows” Tuesday night with a look at how the season came to a close for Goulian Aerosports at the Wings Over Houston Airshow. The weather threw everyone a curveball on Sunday morning, but the show went on. See how the last flight of the year went for Michael and how the team feels to have everything done!

Michael Goulian takes to the air on Inside Airshows

It’s time for Michael Goulian to take to the skies over Ellington Field at the Wings Over Houston Airshow in the third installment of the new series Inside Airshows on LiveAirShowTV.

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Inside Airshows premieres

LiveAirShowTV premiered a new series Jan. 7: Inside Airshows with an in-depth look at Goulian Aerosports as they wrapped up the 2013 airshow season at the Wings Over Houston Airshow.

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LiveAirShowTV kicks off 2014 with new series

LiveAirShowTV kicks off the new year with a new series called Inside Airshows, which will take a more in-depth look into various aspects of the airshow industry, whether it’s a performer, team, or support personnel. Each subject will have multiple parts and take airshow fans inside the operations at an airshow.

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