Arriving at Oshkosh in style

How do you get to Oshkosh from here? If you’re headed that way for the Experimental Aircraft Association’s famed AirVenture in late July, there’s the Fisk Arrival, which gives new meaning to “line up and wait” — in motion.

It’s very exciting, merging all kinds of airplanes, arriving from all points of the compass, at widely divergent airspeeds, into a complex holding pattern, to land at what is, for one week, the world’s busiest airport. Somehow, thanks to guys on the ground with binoculars and pink shirts, it seems to work, but a camping space next to your friends is not guaranteed.

There is, as it turns out, a better way. It’s called the mass arrival. [Read more…]

Mooney on the move


This is not your grandfather’s Mooney

The distinctive “backwards” tail remains, but a full-scale mock-up of Mooney’s new M10 model, which made its U.S. debut in April at SUN ’n FUN, revealed an important part of the company’s vision for the future.

Dr. Jerry Chen, Mooney’s CEO, wants pilots to progress from trainers to high speed cruisers while staying within the Mooney product line. [Read more…]

First Mooney Summit planned for June

Mooney Acclaim

PASO ROBLES, Calif. – The first Mooney Summit, sponsored by The Mooney Flyer, will be held June 12-14 at KPRB. Planned events include a wine tour, evening reception at Estrella Warbird Museum, seminars for Mooney owners and pilots as well as non-pilots, and a lunch presentation by the Commander of the Navy’s Strike Fighter Wing, US Pacific Fleet, Captain David E. Koss sponsored by Mooney International.

Mooney wins Chinese approval, makes first delivery

Mooney Acclaim

Mooney International is set to deliver the first M20TN Acclaim Type S aircraft with a Chinese National Registration, (“B” number), to its owner in China at the end of December.

Mooney officially received the Validation of Type Certificate (VTC) issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on Dec. 9. This allows Mooney to directly export aircraft to China, according to company officials.

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