Garmin introduces ADS-B lineup

Garmin has introduced a suite of certified and portable ADS-B solutions, providing options for any aircraft owner to satisfy the U.S. NextGen mandate for ADS-B Out and also gain access to the benefits of ADS-B In, including  traffic and subscription-free weather information.

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Sporty’s Pilot Shop expands Oshkosh presence


Sporty’s has expanded its EAA AirVenture presence for 2012 from an inside exhibit to a much larger tent location with even more products and enhanced displays. Located in space #260 in front of Hangar B, Sporty’s will have an array of products on display, including an on-going demonstration of the Stratus, Sporty’s new in-flight weather receiver.

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Ready for Oshkosh?

Sporty’s John Zimmerman, writing in his blog at Air Facts Journal, lists the 8 things he loves about Oshkosh, which kicks off in just two weeks. He starts by saying: “Have you ever met an aviation enthusiast who didn’t know exactly what that word meant? The annual EAA gathering in Wisconsin, officially called AirVenture, is a common thread in an aviation community that is remarkable for its diversity. Some pilots like homebuilts and some like certified airplanes; some like glass cockpits and some hate them. But everyone likes Oshkosh.” Check out his 8 and see if they match your favorite things about Oshkosh.