English pilot becomes aviation sensation

Claude Grahame-White, a notable English pilot, won the major prizes at the Boston Aero Meet held in September 1910.
Source: Dennis Parks

Claude Grahame-White, a notable English pilot, took first place at the international air meet held at Boston during September 1910. Flying against notable American pilots such as Glenn Curtiss, Walter Brookins, and Ralph Johnson, he won the major prize for an overwater race to the Boston Lighthouse and placed first in other events to become the champion of the event. [Read more…]

Stereotypically atypical

Jamie Camping

Everybody knows that people who are into aviation are rich. They’re spoiled, self-absorbed, 1%-ers who have no regard for what it takes to get by in the real world. Heck, airplanes cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that’s just for the small ones. Yep, pilots and aircraft owners are filthy rich scum who do nothing but sponge off the poor and the middle class so they can live out their dreams in luxurious splendor.

That’s a common perspective, you have to admit. If you fly, or wish to fly, you’ve heard it time and again. But you’ve also noticed that your personal experience doesn’t quite match up with the classic stereotype of what this aviation crowd is supposed to be. [Read more…]

FAA hiring: Fly the diversity-friendly skies

William Hamilton


Satire: Just as your aircraft reaches, say, 30,000 feet on your airline flight, say, from Denver to Chicago, the Captain says, “Hello. This is your Captain speaking. Welcome aboard Olympic Mountain General Airlines. Okay, I know some of you call us: OMG! But, seriously, passengers who studied urban sociology in college may be pleased to know the air traffic controllers who will be controlling our flight today from the En Route Air Traffic Control Centers had absolutely no previous training in air traffic control before they joined the FAA’s training program. [Read more…]

Go green in 2015 – fly

They came in droves. From all corners of the globe they flowed into rural Wisconsin filling every hotel room for 100 miles. Houses were rented, tents were pitched, and brats found their way onto the grill. AirVenture was the event. Aviation was the draw. Solid connections between people was the end result.

It was spectacular, simply spectacular, on every level.

Of course when humans gather in large numbers, transit comes into play. Thousands upon thousands of people piled into cars, climbed onto motorcycles, and slid into cockpits for a trip of a dozen miles, or a hundred, or a thousand. That has an impact on our ecology, as well as the economy. [Read more…]

Can I use #1 diesel in my airplane?

I have received numerous questions from farm and ranch pilots about using #1 diesel fuel in aircraft with diesel cycle piston engines. The reasoning behind these questions concerns the availability and price of Jet A in rural agricultural areas. #1 diesel is cheaper and more readily available. [Read more…]

We’re all in this together

Yes, I know that headline is a tad cliche, but it’s true. We need each other… more than ever.

In order to survive we need pilots, aircraft, fuel and airports. To thrive, we must add pilots, produce state-of-the-art aircraft, have a steady supply of fuel, and a healthy network of airports of all sizes. [Read more…]

Frugal pilots join the club

1963 Beechcraft Model 23 by FlugKerl2 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1963BeechcraftModel23.jpg#/media/File:1963BeechcraftModel23.jpg

One of my original 10 Tips for Frugal Pilots two years ago was “Learn from smarter pilots.”

No matter what you fly or where, there’s someone nearby who knows more about aviation than you do.

Unsolicited advice can be annoying, but finding smart pilots who can teach without lecturing is an opportunity to improve your skills — and lower your flying costs — without having to depend on just your experiences and your pocketbook. [Read more…]