Single seat darling

Perhaps it’s because we haven’t had so many new SLSA offerings lately (though don’t look away too long as more are definitely on the way!). Maybe it’s because the new new SD-1 Minisport is a single seater.

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Summer celebration of flight

As summer begins to heat up, that can mean only one thing to true-blue aviation enthusiasts. Yup, AirVenture is coming at us like a jet fighter.

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Sebring Expo confirms 2014 dates

The 10th annual U.S. Sport Aviation Expo — known by most as the Sebring LSA Expo — will take center stage at Florida’s Sebring Regional Airport Jan. 16-19, 2014.

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Access Aviation Project: Creating new pilots

The first step in helping someone get a pilot certificate is getting that person into an airplane. That’s the mission of the Aviation Access Project, an asset management company geared toward Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA).

According to CEO Rick Matthews, to attract wanna-be pilots to the “culture of aviation, we have to make aviation friendlier.”

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ICON raises $60 million to start production

LOS ANGELES — ICON Aircraft has raised its fourth and final round of equity funding, totaling more than $60 million.

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Broken Wing project debuts

Renegade Light Sport recently unveiled its Broken Wing project for wounded warriors. Officials with the company, which recently relocated to Saint Lucie County Airport in Fort Pierce, Florida, said, “We will introduce our injured military heroes to the freedom of flight using two specially designed and equipped SC07 Speed Cruisers.”

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First factory-built Van’s RV-12 delivered

Forty years and more than 8,000 airplanes flying easily makes Van’s Aircraft the most prolific kit aircraft supplier in the history of aviation. Does anyone in flying not know about the RV-series?

What everyone may not know (or remember) is that Van’s entered into a deal with Synergy Air to fully build an initial run of a dozen ready-to-fly RV-12s as it enters into the new and quite different realm of manufactured aircraft under the Light-Sport Aircraft rule.

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First flight for Tecnam’s Astore

The successful first flight of the Tecnam Astore Light-Sport Aircraft took place at Tecnam’s Capua production facility on May 27.

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More weight or less weight?

Icon Aircraft has been (probably not too patiently) waiting for the FAA to answer its formal request for exemption to the Light-Sport Aircraft gross weight parameter for its Icon A5 (pictured).

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LSA video bonanza

We were busy at Aero Friedrichshafen 2013, knocking out more than 30 videos for your viewing information and entertainment. That’s more than seven videos per day and a sum of more than five hours total running time (more than three Hollywood movies in minutes of viewing time). With these and all the videos shot at this year’s SUN ’n FUN, we expect to offer more than 300 videos on our LSA Video page — and all are free.