Flight delay


More than 60 years elapsed before 87-year-old Karl Klingelhofer of Tucson, Ariz., revisited his love of aviation and earned his sport pilot’s license.

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Air conditioning for Flight Design CTLS debuts

US Aviation previewed its integration of the FlyCool air conditioning system in the Flight Design CTLS at SUN ’n FUN.

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$2 million and counting…

Flight Design USA has taken in $2 million worth of orders for its CT-line of light sport aircraft, “just since Sebring,” President Tom Peghiny said at SUN ’n FUN.

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LSA companies flock to Florida

No less than three Light-Sport Aircraft companies have recently struck deals with Florida airports, winning the support of local government officials anxious to provide jobs.

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Tecnam to debut new low-wing LSA

Tecnam will reveal its “Astore” next generation Light-Sport Aircraft at AERO Friedrichshafen 2013 in Germany on April 24.

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LSA market share: The rest of the story

We recorded very strong interest in our recent market share post. Traffic spiked to double in the days since our report was posted at ByDanJohnson.com (and that was from record levels). It would appear the LSA segment is hardly in “critical condition,” despite what some may think.

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First flight: Sam LS

The first flight of Sam LS, an all-new design, took place Feb. 26 at Lachute Airport near Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

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2012 LSA market shares: Cubs and surprises

Our annual review of LSA Market Share brings our updated fleet chart and a second chart showing prior-year registrations. While sales of new SLSA remains below par, the market appears to be experiencing spotty but regular recovery from earlier low points.

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Go negative…or work together?

It is true that a pilot of one type aircraft may not know much about nor (therefore) care much about another type aircraft. Ultralight pilots and turbine pilots may not seem to have much in common. Sailplane pilots and crop dusters, likewise. Powered parachute enthusiasts seem on the opposite side of the spectrum from airline pilots.

Yet, regardless of our interests — or even the country in which we live — pilots as a whole are more alike than different in one critical way: [Read more...]

Production begins on ICON A5

Production of the ICON A5 started in December 2012 with the completion of the first tooling master, according to the most recent newsletter from ICON Aircraft, the Los Angeles company that is developing the amphibious Light-Sport Aircraft.

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