Electric! Gorgeous! Freedom!…4th generation ULS

Randall Fishman virtually invented the electric aircraft. That’s a rather big statement, yet I stand behind it. Randall first showed a functional electric trike at Oshkosh 2007. He’s been on a tear ever since and his ULS is his present state-of-the-art, his fourth generation of electric aircraft design.

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CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS evolves

After three years in production and a fleet of more than 100 aircraft, the CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) is evolving for 2013.

Changes include a new cowling design, an improved cabin heat system, a new starter, and a new system voltage monitor, company officials said. New options are also being introduced, including a ground adjustable propeller from Whirl Wind, a GPS-equipped Emergency Locator Transmitter, and new amphibious floats from Aerocet, which are coming soon.

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FAA delays decision on Icon weight increase

FAA officials have informed Icon Aircraft that a decision on the company’s request for an exemption to the Light-Sport Aircraft weight limitations for its amphibious Icon A5 won’t be made until the end of the year, according to a report at AOPA.org. Icon Aircraft founder Kirk Hawkins asked for an exemption in May to increase the weight limit to 1,680 pounds. Accounting for the weight increase is a cuffed wing that is aerodynamically spin resistant, according to Icon officials, who say this increases safety for Sport Pilots.

Bearhawk LSA debuts

Bearhawk designer Bob Barrows — who designed the four-place Bearhawk and the two-place Bearhawk Patrol — has turned his attention to his next creation, the Bearhawk Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA).

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The Great Debate: Is the LSA rule a failure?

In his blog at the Air Facts Journal, Sporty’s John Zimmerman asks pilots if the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) rule, adopted with much fanfare in 2004 with the promise to cut the cost of flying and open up aviation to more people than ever before, has accomplished what it set out to do. Eight years later, the number of LSAs has exploded, with even giant Cessna in the game. But he notes that the dream of an airplane for less than $1000,000 hasn’t come true and that’s just the beginning of the “buts.” Check it out here and add your comment to the ongoing discussion.

Norway flight school orders Skycatchers

Cessna reports it sold three Skycatchers at AirVenture 2012 in Oshkosh. Executives with Pilot Academy of Sandefjord, Norway, noted that the effort to facilitate EASA certification by moving the Skycatcher into the primary category with the FAA played a large role in the decision.

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Chesapeake Sport Pilot offers flight training to wheelchair aviators

Chesapeake Sport Pilot in Stevensville, Maryland, now offers flight training to pilots who require hand controls rather than traditional aircraft foot controls to fly. This training is made possible by a specially outfitted CT LS light sport airplane that is being leased to Chesapeake Sport Pilot by Joseph D’Aguiar.

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Two new Sky Arrows introduced at Oshkosh

OSHKOSH — Magnaghi Aeronautica, the Italian aerospace group that manufactures the Sky Arrow aircraft series, introduced an updated Sky Arrow light-sport aircraft (LSA) Tuesday at AirVenture. Enhancements include new extended wing tanks, modified aerodynamics on the stabilizer, and a new, streamlined leaf-spring landing gear.

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Factory-approved Searey training takes off

OSHKOSH — Chesapeake Sport Pilot in Maryland has been granted FAA authorization to provide factory-approved Searey transition training, officials reported Tuesday at AirVenture.

The flight school is the first in the nation to receive a letter of deviation authority (LODA)from the FAA specifically for Searey training, said Helen Woods, chief flight instructor of Chespeake Sport Pilot.

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What’s expected at Oshkosh from our LSA expert

I have several targets on my radar for follow-up at this year’s AirVenture, which kicks off tomorrow, July 23. Here’s a beforehand review; details will follow.

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