Students who built Sportsmans to be featured at Oshkosh

The winners of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) and Build A Plane Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) aviation design challenge competition are attending this week’s AirVenture, along with the two Glasair Sportsman aircraft they helped build at Glasair Aviation in Arlington, Washington. The planes will be featured at the GAMA/Build A Plane exhibit space, Booth #299.

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Mooney celebrates 60th anniversary of M20 at Oshkosh

The Mooney Aviation Co. will celebrate the 60-year anniversary of when Mooney began to manufacture its M20 fleet of airplanes at this week’s AirVenture.

“This is an historic time for Mooney and being present at AirVenture is an opportunity to celebrate with our loyal Mooney owners. We want to remind them that we are actively in business,” [Read more...]

Piper to deliver 800th Mirage at Oshkosh

Piper Aircraft will deliver the company’s 800th M-Class single-engine pressurized Piper Mirage to Muncie Aviation Co. at the 2013 AirVenture, to be held July 29 to Aug. 4 in Oshkosh, Wis.

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New engines, instruments to be unveiled at Oshkosh

MW Fly will introduce a new line of Aeropower engines rated from 115 to 150 horsepower at AirVenture next week. The engines also include new engine-monitoring instruments developed by P.A.T. Avionics

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Bearhawk ships LSA kits, adds second door to Patrol

Bearhawk Aircraft started delivering kits of the Bearhawk LSA (pictured below) in June.

“We offer the Bearhawk LSA as a quick build, a plans-built, and everything in between,” said Mark Goldberg, Bearhawk Aircraft’s owner.

Announced last August, the prototype of the Bob Barrows-designed two seater will be on display at AirVenture.

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Sonex to open production slots for SubSonex jet at AirVenture

Sonex Aircraft will give potential customers of the company’s newest aircraft, the SubSonex personal jet, their first opportunity to get in line for production slots at this month’s AirVenture.

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Rare opportunity to fly in a Huey

Perhaps there is no more iconic symbol of the Vietnam War than the venerable UH-1 Huey helicopter. On Monday, July 29, Tuesday, July 30, and Thursday, Aug. 1, Huey #354 will be available for rides from 9 a.m until 4 p.m. the Fond Du Lac County Airport (FLD) in Wisconsin, just up the road from Oshkosh.

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Sporty’s releases official AirVenture app

Sporty’s 2013 free EAA AirVenture app is now available for download – and it’s free.

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Song about AirVenture released

Ravi the Raviator, a musician and pilot, was inspired by AirVenture to write a song about it. In an interview with the Oshkosh Northwestern newspaper, he’s quoted as saying: “AirVenture is the crème de la crème of aviation — it showcases the very best of what we have to offer. I’m always in awe from the moment I arrive.” Check out the song here.

The AirVenture effect

On a bright and beautiful central Florida morning, my phone rings. Steve McCaughey of the Seaplane Pilots Association is on the other end, upbeat and chipper as ever. Since we both live in the same town and have a common fascination with waterborne flying machines, he’s offering me a ride and a room at AirVenture, which is creeping up on the calendar. Only days remain until the gates open to throngs of visitors to Wisconsin’s most famous airport.

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